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Mind Control Methods And How You're Being Controlled!

The more one examines mind control, the more one will reach the decision that there is a facilitated script that has been set up for quite a while with the objective to transform mankind into non-thinking robots. For whatever length of time that man has sought after control over the masses, mind control has been arranged by the individuals who study human conduct with a specific end goal to curve huge populaces to the will of a few "first class" bunch.

Today, we have entered a hazardous stage where mind control has tackled a physical, experimental measurement that undermines to turn into a changeless state in the event that we don't get to be mindful of the instruments at the transfer of the technocratic autocracy developing on an overall scale.

Today's mind control is both innovative and mental. Tests demonstrate that essentially by uncovering the systems for mind control, the impacts can be decreased or wiped out, in any event for mind control publicizing and publicity. More hard to counter are the physical interruptions, which the military industrial complex keeps on developing and enhancing.

1. Training/Education - This is the most self-evident, yet still remains the most deceptive. It has dependably been a fascist ultimate dream to "teach" normally naive kids, accordingly it has been a focal part of Comrade and Rightist oppressive regimes all through history. Nobody has been more instrumental in uncovering the plan of cutting edge instruction than Charlotte Iserbyt - one can start research into this zone by downloading a free PDF of her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, which exposes the part of the Globalist establishment in molding a future expected to create servile automatons ruled over by a completely instructed, mindful exclusive class.

2. Promoting and Purposeful publicity/Advertising, Propaganda - Edward Bernays has been referred to as the creator of the consumerist culture that was outlined essentially to focus on individuals mental self portrait (or deficiency in that department) to transform a want into a need. This was at first imagined for items, for example, cigarettes, for instance. Notwithstanding, Bernays additionally noted in his 1928 book, Propaganda, that "propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government." This can be seen most obviously in the current police state and the developing national nark (snitches) society, wrapped up in the pseudo devoted War on Terror. The expanding combination of media has empowered the whole corporate structure to converge with government, which now uses the idea of the purposeful publicity situation. Media; print, motion pictures, TV, and cable news can now work flawlessly to coordinate a general message which appears to have the ring of truth in light of the fact that it originates from such a large number of sources, all the while. At the point when one gets to be receptive to distinguish the fundamental "message," one will see this engraving all over the place. Also, this is not even to say subliminal messages.

3. Prescient Programming/Predictive - Numerous people still deny that programming is genuine. I would welcome anybody to inspect the scope of the documentation set up together by Alan Watt and arrive at whatever other conclusion. Predictive programming has its roots in predominately elitist Hollywood, where the extra large screen can offer a major vision of where society is going. Simply glance back at the books and films which you believed were outlandish, or "sci-fi". One of my favorite websites that breaks down mind control is Vigilant Citizen. After reading the articles there you'll walk away with a different perspective.

4. Sports, Politics, Religion - Some might take offense at seeing religion, or even politics, put alongside sports as a method of mind control.  The central theme is the same throughout: divide and conquer.  The techniques are quite simple: short circuit the natural tendency of people to cooperate for their survival, and teach them to form teams bent on domination and winning.  Sports has always had a role as a key distraction that corrals tribal tendencies into a none important event, which in modern America has reached ridiculous proportions where protests will break out over a sport celebrity leaving their city, but essential human issues such as liberty are laughed away as inconsequential.  Political discourse is strictly in a left right paradigm of easily controlled opposition, while religion is the backdrop of nearly every war throughout history.

5. Food, Water, and Air - Additives, toxins, and other food poisons literally alter brain chemistry to create docility and apathy.  Fluoride in drinking water has been proven to lower IQ; Aspartame and MSG are excitotoxins which excite brain cells until they die; and easy access to the fast food that contains these poisons generally has created a population that lacks focus and motivation for any type of active lifestyle.  Most of the modern world is perfectly groomed for passive receptiveness and acceptance of the elite.  And if you choose to diligently watch your diet, they are fully prepared to spray the population from the above. Check out my BLOG, Tricks, Tips & Tools For A Better Diet for great information and resources to keep you healthy. Check out GMOs and Genetically Modified Foods Risks and Dangers of GMOs

6. Drugs - This can be any addictive substance, but the mission of mind controllers is to be sure you are addicted to something.  One major arm of the modern mind control agenda is psychiatry, which aims to define all people by their disorders, as opposed to their human potential.  This was foreshadowed in books such as Brave New World.  Today, it has been taken to even further extremes as a medical tyranny has taken hold where nearly everyone has some sort of disorder -- particularly those who question authority.  The use of nerve drugs in the military has led to record numbers of suicides.  Worst of all, the modern drug state now has over 25% of U.S. children on mind numbing medication. An excellent resource is The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, is a nonprofit mental health watchdog, responsible for helping enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive practices.

7. Military testing - The military has a long history as the testing ground for mind control. The military personality is maybe the most pliable, as the individuals who seek after life in the military by and large reverberate to the structures of order, control, and the requirement for unchallenged submission to a mission. For the expanding number of military individuals scrutinizing their influence, a late story highlighted DARPA's arrangements for transcranial personality control caps that will keep them centered. 

Pt 1 Alex Jones - Dr Nick Begich Mind Control

8. Electromagnetic spectrum  - An electromagnetic soup envelops us all, charged by modern devices of convenience which have been shown to have a direct impact on brain function.
In a tacit admission of what is possible, one researcher has been working with a "god helmet" to induce visions by altering the electromagnetic field of the brain.
Our modern soup has us passively bathed by potentially mind-altering waves, while a wide range of possibilities such as cell phone towers is now available to the would-be mind controller for more direct intervention. For protection from all forms of microwaves and poisons from Geoengineering, ORGONITE is amazing. Click the link and it'll take you to a good friend of mine who makes it for my entire family including my dog, Little Bear! She very reasonable and also barters! Facts about orgonite.

9. Television, Computer, and "flicker rate"- It's criminal what is "programmed" on your TV (accessed via remote "control") is engineered; it is all made easier by literally putting you asleep, making it a psycho-social weapon.  Flicker rate tests show that alpha brain waves are altered, producing a type of hypnosis, which doesn't foreshadow well for the latest revelation that lights can transmit coded Internet data by "flickering faster than the eye can see."  The computer's flicker rate is less, but through video games, social networks, and a basic structure which overloads the brain with information, the rapid pace of modern communication induces an ADHD state.  A study of video games revealed that extended play can result in lower blood flow to the brain, decreasing your emotional control.  Furthermore, roleplaying games of life like war and police state scenarios serve to desensitize a connection to reality while preparing our youth to be our future military. One look at the wiki leaks video Collateral Murder should be familiar to anyone who has seen a game like Call of Duty.


10. Nanotechnology and Transhumanism -  Has Nanobot mind control already begun?  Direct mind alteration as of now has been bundled as "neuroengineering."
The European Coalition Against Covert Harassment estimates that more than 80% of the population has already been infected with nanotechnology,
via chemtrailsvaccines, and dental procedures, to control our minds and behavior. The ECACH (video) has already put forth a document to the EU Parliament requesting the cessation of:

. . . weapons systems operating on new physics principles used to torture or inflict other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment including electronic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, magnetic weapons, directed energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, frequency weapons, genetic weapons, scalar weapons, psychotronic weapons, chemtrail aerosol weapons, implant weapons, nanotechnology weapons, high frequency active aural high altitude ultra low frequency weapons,[and] information technology weapons.”

To universally install BioAPI in everyone they need to spray nano fibers. These fibers cannot be put into the food supply or given in some other way, the uptake across the population would take forever and not propagate very effectively. It's much easier just to spray everyone like an insect; and because it's happening to everyone the universal herd mentality of the unwashed masses then justifies it.

It’s easier to put the whole operation into a flowchart for a quick overview. Below shows the core purpose of chemtrails (which is nano-fiber propagation).
There are other reasons for chemtails as outlined on the summary page, but nothing as significant as this. Mouseover the orange objects for additional information. Also see a simpler flowchart for targeted individuals. This flowchart and entire web site apply to every living person on the planet in one way or another. Click here  flowchart-chemtrails-bioapi and for more detailed information on nanobots and transhumanism see Wakingtimes, nano-boots, mind control, Transhumanism and the future consciousness

My final input on the evil plan is a purposeful exertion is in progress to oversee and foresee human conduct so that the social researchers and the oppressive world class can control the masses and shield themselves from the aftermath of a completely conscious free mankind. We have a shot at protecting ourselves by Re-Searching The Matrix . EUCACH.ORG research has found that homeopathic gold is effective in protecting a targeted individual against the scalar wave intrusions of the super-grid.

The Matrix of Control→ Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars - DARPA - Agenda 21 - DNA Mapping  SILENT_WEAPONS_for_QUIET_WARS.pdf

No one has to take this lying down. The soft-kill, and technological stealth which would allow the powers that be to take over our very humanity can be eradicated. You are in control of your consciousness – not the government, no matter how hard they try to manipulate you with their advanced technology. There are ways to become superhuman without losing our humanity. In recent reports from Science Daily, it was proven that human DNA can be changed with meditation. Gene expression is totally altered with just a few hour’s practice. Why is this not a more accepted paradigm in our world? Likely because reports like this are swept aside while you stay locked in Fukushima and false flag fear.
Meditate, and you will see past all illusion, including the mind-prisons they would keep you within. Nano-bots may be the tiny, evil soldiers of a eugenicist class, but our collective will is stronger: 
If by this superhuman concentration one succeeded in converting or resolving the two cosmoses with all their complexities into sheer ideas, he would then reach the causal world and stand on the borderline of fusion between mind and matter. There one perceives all created things — solids, liquids, gases, electricity, energy, all beings, gods, men, animals, plants, bacteria — as forms of consciousness, just as a man can close his eyes and realize that he exists, even though his body is invisible to his physical eyes and is present only as an idea.
Paramahansa Yogananda Ch. 43 The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar
There is so much more to cover and I could go on forever. Instead, I'll give you some links to research on your own and hope you look into each of them. Be prepared to possibly get depressed, mad, even in denial. Honestly, that's all part of becoming aware and awake, and Unplugging from the Matrix! I had just gotten all done with this BLOG, hit enter and wham! About half of it just disappeared! Not sure, but wouldn't doubt it was done on purpose. Also, I have to finish with one final short video that Cathy O'Brien did, The Secret Knowledge
Sites to research:

I plan on doing my next topic on Transhumanism and nanotechnology and hope to have it done soon so check back soon. And be sure to see some of my other topics and see how Little Bear is doing. Thank you all for your love and support. 

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2014 Holiday Tips and Money Savers

With the holiday season upon us everyone needs to pinch those pennies, so I thought I'd share some more ways and links to sites that will help you and your furbaby out, not only during Thanksgiving and Christmas but year round! 
And if you don't have a pet yet, I suggest going to your local shelter and adopting one. A new pet is a great gift for your kids and the entire family! One thing to keep in mind if you do adopt a new pet into your family is make sure you can afford this new addition! Read this great article from 
It's amazing how expensive it is to own and care for a pet properly, believe me I know.  And I have a small dog compared to a large dog that would hike up the expense of caring for it.
With a large dog EVERYTHING is bigger, from the bags of food to the size of his pet bed and toys! Then you have Vet care, if you live in a large city like Chicago the basic services will be much higher than the suburbs, like dog walking, grooming, ect.  Then the monthly costs, like heart, flea and tic prevention, any special medications if you have an ill pet, toys, food, treats. Not counting the annual things like vaccines and check ups!
At the end of this BLOG I've inserted a Pet Cost Calculator courtesy of and just for fun, do your calculation for now and then once you start with my money saving tips, do it again to see how much you've saved! You will be shocked! Now for some great tips and new links!
Since Little Bear has to take medication on a regular schedule a couple of times a day and I'm on a fixed income that's poverty level, I HAVE to get my medications as cheap as possible. I found a great tool that will compare every pharmacy, even online to get you the cheapest price. And it is not just for pets, but for everyone and they even have coupons to make it cheaper! Check out Good RX for pets
At you can find deals, services and even events for your pet and your entire family! Check it out and be sure to use your zip code when searching. On this awesome website you'll find anything from pet sitting, walking, boarding, grooming and Vets! Great is you're looking to do work like that too. These sites also good for the entire family! Need a babysitter with references? This site is comparable, but for pets only On the holidays many of us go on vacation and want to take Fido or Fluffy with us and can't. Well, now you can if you go to and no, it's not just for dogs but all pets. Don't forget to really check out what you're feeding your furbaby! Here's a great site for Dog Food Comparison, Ratings and Reviews Well, that's about it. Have a safe and Happy Holiday. And don't forget to read my BLOGS on Are you feeding your furbaby dangerous food and  Discounted pet care links

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SAY "NO" TO VACCINES (updated 3/10/2014)

Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.


The hidden story about vaccines, drugs and food… Three huge topics in one film. Why put all this in one movie? Because these issues are directly related, and we have an opportunity to harness the millions of us engaged in each of them to overcome the noise put out by the medical-industrial conglomerate. You peel back the layers and see what’s really driving our industrialized food, our vaccine expansion, and our dependence on pharmaceuticals – it’s the same culprit. Huge corporations funded by individual misery, one broken life at a time. These three story lines converge on Wall Street, but this story takes us beyond the problem to the inspiring and empowering role mothers are now taking in uniting to protect their families.

"In the United States, the number of mandatory vaccine injections has risen to 36 per child. AUTISM IS UP 600%!!! Each of these injections contains neurotoxins such as aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, animal by-products, heavy metals, and many others. What happens to a child's fragile immune system when it's overloaded with these toxins?"

Alan Phillips, J.D. is a leading U.S. vaccine rights attorney.
As of March 2013, the CDC estimated that 1 in every 50 school age child is diagnosed with ASD! That's an increase of 1.16% from  2012 estimates.  In 2012 the UK reported an increase rate of 56% of children with autism in the last 5 years.  Do your research before you vaccinate!

The general public is essentially unaware of the true number of people -- mostly children -- who have been permanently damaged or killed by vaccines. In fact, most parents would be surprised to learn that the government has a secret computer database  filled with several thousand names of disabled and dead babies, children who were healthy and alive just prior to receiving the vaccines. Of course, the medical establishment and federal government don't readily disclose this information because they know it's likel UNDERAGE STUDENTS CAN OPT OUT OF VACCINES AGAINST PARENTS’ WISHES - y to frighten parents into seeking other ways to protect their children. In other words, parents just might think this issue through on their own and decide to reject the shots.
Read More About Vaccines & the Government:
Here are the vaccine exemption forms and/or information for all 50 states. ** UPDATE March 10, 2014 There have been new laws passed in some states!  All states allow a medical exemption and some states allow philosophical and/or religious exemptions. However, the American Medical Association and  are actively promoting the abolishment of religious and philosophical exemptions. So please be sure to check your state laws! I'll keep the original exemptions here but please refer to  Vaccine Liberation Army /exemptions website for the most current documentation.  Disclaimer: I make NO guarantee of outcome for your actions.
Laws change frequently. Errors may occur. Please double check current laws for your state.
If you're nosy, check out your state's exemption rates."A written objection from the parent or guardian of a student based on religious tenets and practices shall be submitted in person by the parent or guardian to the County Health Department for issuance of a Certificate of Religious Exemption from the required immunizations or testing." (1st page)AlaskaAlaska Immunization Requirements Religious Exemption Form to page 52)AlaskaAlaska Immunization Requirements Medical Exemption Form to page 51)Arizona child care centersRequest For Exemption to Immunization schoolsRequest for Exemption to Immunization (pages 4 and 5)CaliforniaCalifornia School Immunization Record childcare and schoolsColorado Department of Public Health and Environment -- Certificate of Immunization colleges and universitiesCertificate of Immunization for College Students Exemption Certification Form (contains exact wording for exemption affidavit)District of Columbia"No certification of immunization shall be required for the admission to a school of a student:(1) For whom the responsible person objects in good faith and in writing, to the chief official of the school, that immunization would violate his or her religious beliefs; or (2) For whom the school has written certification by a private physician, his or her representative, or the public health authorities that immunization is medically inadvisable." (D.C. Code 38-506)FloridaImmunization Guidelines Florida Schools, Childcare Facilities, and Family Daycare Homes of florida law regarding immunizations to opt out of "SHOTS" (State Health Online Tracking System) childcare and schoolsImmunization Guidelines for Child Care Facility Operators and School Personnel (page 2)"If there is a religious exemption, the parent/guardian must give the facility/school a signed and dated notarized statement or affidavit stating that immunizations are against their religious beliefs. This affidavit should be filed instead of the Certificate of Immunization. The affidavit does not expire."Georgia colleges and universitiesUniversity System of Georgia Certificate of Immunization "Religious exemption forms may be completed at the school that your child will attend."The Hawaii religious exemption form states, "I certify that immunization conflicts with my bona fide religious tenets and practices. I understand that my child is susceptible to vaccine preventable diseases. If at anytime there is, in the opinion of the Department of Health, danger of an outbreak or epidemic from any communicable disease for which immunization is required, this exemption shall not be recognized. I understand that my child will be excluded from school until the threat of an epidemic is over or he or she receives the proper immunization. (Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 302A-1157)"Idaho child careState of Idaho Certificate of Exemption Child Care Immunization Requirement schoolsState of Idaho Certificate of Exemption on Idaho exemption forms: You may not feel comfortable initialing those statements that you understand you are putting your child at risk. Idaho law does not require that you use those forms.Idaho law for child care: law for schools: regarding exemptions"A religious objection must be in writing and state that the objection to immunization is based on religious grounds; signed by the child’s parent; and delivered to the school. There is no requirement of proof. The written objection must be resubmitted to the school each year." Department of Public Health Certificate of Immunization Exemption of Immunizations of Kentucky Childhood Immunization Law Certificate of Religious Exemption (EPID-230C) Handbook for School and paste the address above into your web browser.(from page 29) "No student seeking to enter any school shall be required to comply with the provisions of this Section if the student or his parent or guardian submits either a written statement from a physician stating that the procedure is contraindicated for medical reasons, or a written dissent from the student or his parent or guardian is presented."Maine Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Immunization Certificate waiver information for college parent or guardian should state "in writing that vaccination or immunization conflicts with his sincere religious beliefs." of law regarding exemptions to vaccines: exemption form: exemption form if you don't want to admit to putting your child at risk: form for the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR), which is a vaccine registry a notarized statement that all or some immunizations are against your "conscientiously held beliefs." (Do not need to be religious beliefs). of statute: allows medical exemptions to vaccines. They are very difficult to get. A physician (M.D. or D.O.) can request a medical exemption, but a government health official decides whether or not to grant it. Vaccines are not required for homeschooling. of statute: you want to work toward changing the law, here is the link to the Mississippi Vaccine Information Center. a religious exemption, ask for the HES-113 form from the Department of Public Health and Human Services. It must be notarized every year. of Immunization of Student for Religious Reasons of Immunization for Medical Reasons"NRS 392.437 Immunization of pupils: Exemption if prohibited by religious belief. A public school shall not refuse to enroll a child as a pupil because the child has not been immunized pursuant to NRS 392.435 if the parents or guardian of the child has submitted to the board of trustees of the school district or the governing body of a charter school in which the child has been accepted for enrollment a written statement indicating that their religious belief prohibits immunization of such child or ward." Hampshire Jersey MexicoCertificate of Exemption From School/Daycare Immunization Requirements YorkRequest for Religious Exemption to Immunization Form New York residents have had their requests for exemption denied. You need to research and be very careful about the wording before you submit the request).North Carolinavaccination exemption information DakotaCertificate of Immunization of law: "A pupil who presents a written statement of the pupil’s parent or guardian in which the parent or guardian declines to have the pupil immunized for reasons of conscience, including religious convictions, is not required to be immunized."Brochure about Ohio's immunization registry, and how to opt out:,_Pr...ool/index.html (day care and school exemption form) (college exemption information)OregonOregon Certificate of Immunization Status is the brochure you are supposed to read before signing the religious exemption: regarding exemptions for child care regarding exemptions for school IslandDaycare, preschools, and schools and universities (page 5)SSouth CarolinaA South Carolina Certificate of Religious Exemption may be obtained from the Department of Health and Environmental Control. (DHEC Form 1126) Here is a directory of offices. You must go in person to get the form. It must be notarized.South Dakota Exemption from Vaccination of statute School and Early Childhood Program Immunization Guidebook 2008/2009. to Withdraw from the Utah Statewide Immunization Information System Immunization Exemption Form of Religious Exemption stateCertificate of Exemption (COE) From School, Child Care, and Preschool Immunization Requirements VirginiaOnly allows medical exemptions to vaccines you want to work toward changing the law, here is a link to "West Virginians for Vaccination Exemption" (page 2) "The immunization requirement is waived if the student, if an adult, or the student’s parent, guardian or legal custodian submits a written statement to the school, day care center or nursery school objecting to the immunization for reasons of health, religion or personal conviction."WyomingRules and Regulations for School Immunizations: (Click on "Minimum Immunization Requirements) (2nd page)Info on immunization registry and opting out: (Click on "WyIR Opt Out Form") Connecticut New York
REQUEST FOR RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION TO IMMUNIZATION FORM In NYS, use the NYSED form above whenever you can. Keep your "explanation of beliefs" short, simple, and to the point. Be certain to note your objection to ALL vaccines. Don't use a form letter from the internet or another source - schools may be looking for these, and can then question your sincerity. ALWAYS use your own words in your explanation of beliefs.
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