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Red Skelton - Pledge of Allegiance

January 14,1964

When I was a small boy in Vincennes, Indiana, I heard, I think, one of the most outstanding speeches I ever heard in my life. I one of the most outstanding speeches I ever heard in my life. I think it compares with the Sermon on the Mount, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and Socrates’ Speech to the Students. We had just finished reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and he[Mr. Lasswell, the Principal of Vincennes High School] called us all together, and he says, “Uh, boys and girls, I have been all together, and he says, “Uh, boys and girls, I have been listening to you recite the Pledge of Allegiance all semester, and it seems that it has become monotonous to you. Or, could it be, you do not understand the meaning of each word? If I may, I would like to recite the pledge, and give you a definition for each word:

I -- Me; an individual; a committee of one.

Pledge -- Dedicate all of my worldly good to give without self-pity.

Allegiance -- My love and my devotion.

To the Flag courage. And wherever she waves, there is respect, because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts

“Freedom is everybody's job.” of the

United -- That means we have all come together.

States -- Individual communities that have united into 48 great states; 48 individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose; all divided by imaginary boundaries, yet united to a common cause, and that’s love of country, of America.

And to the Republic -- A Republic: a sovereign state in which power is invested into the representatives chosen by the people to govern; and the government is chosen by the people to govern; and the government is the people; and it's from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people.

For which it stands One Nation -- Meaning "so blessed by God."

Indivisible -- Incapable of being divided. With

Liberty -- Which is freedom; the right of power for one to live his own life without fears, threats, or any sort of retaliation.

And Justice -- The principle and qualities of dealing fairly with others.

For All -- For All. That means, boys and girls, it's as much your country as it is mine.

Now let me hear you recite the Pledge of Allegiance:

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands; one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Since I was a small boy, two states have been added to our country, and two words have been added to the Pledge of Allegiance: Allegiance: Under God. Wouldn't it be a pity if someone said, Allegiance: "That is a prayer" -- and that be eliminated from our schools, too?

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Ancient Alien Skull Photos RELEASED, Carbon dated at 1200 AD.

Ancient Alien Skull Photos RELEASED, Carbon dated at 1200 AD.

An alien survivor from a prehistoric saucer crash? An unfortunate time traveler from the future? A tradesman from a parallel universe? A hitherto undiscovered species? Or a mere freak deformity of a human being? Nobody knows for sure, but no matter the explanation, the Sealand Skull has potential to change the view of the world we live in.

The July 2007 discovery of the skull in Olstykke on the Danish island Sealand did however not make headlines and remained largely ignored by science until 2010. The researchers who in 2008 examined the skull at the Veterinarian High School in Copenhagen merely concluded that although resembling a mammal, certain features make it impossible to fit the animal into Linnaean taxonomy.

Dug up during the replacement of old sewer pipes, the finder at first believed that it was some horse bone, as the house formerly belonged to a horse butcher, and the garden is full of remains. It was not until refilling the trench that he noticed its humanoid shape. Later excavations at the site have not uncovered further remains with connection to the creature, only identifiable animal bones, stone axes and other Neolithic toolsThe Eyes of the Sphinx: The Newest Evidence of Extraterrestial Contact in Ancient Egypt which are common to the area. The fact that the skull was found among Neolithic remains does however, not reveal its age. Carbon 14 dating at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen has shown that the creature lived between 1200 and 1280 AD. Furthermore, the skull was found above the old pipes, whose age suggests that it wasn’t buried until after 1900. Also the absence of other skeleton parts of the creature, together with the skulls state of preservation, has led the scientists to suspect that it has not been buried for long, probably only a couple of decades.

Perhaps to conceal the secret behind its existence someone stored it for ages and later deliberately buried it. It is interesting to note that residents in Olstykke and nearby villages have from former times told about a local member of l’Ordre Lux Pégasos (the Order of Pegasus Light), whom accordingly on behalf of the order protected various items among them a mysterious cranium and several devices made of extraordinary light, albeit unbreakable metal or ceramics. The skull is said to have originated from the Balkans, but it has also been stored in Paris, France, and in Munich, Germany, before arriving in Denmark.

If the story holds true, it is possible that further research may lead to the whereabouts of alien artefacts. It is plausible that l’Ordre Lux Pégasos still keeps objects as well as insights into their origin and purpose. Little is known about the order however, except that it was established around 1350 and throughout its existence has counted influential poets and authors among its members. Among the prominent initiated were Giovanni Boccaccio, William Shakespeare, Réne Descartes, Thomas Jefferson, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Ambrose Bierce, Karin Boye, H.G. Wells, Julio Cortázar, Joseph Heller, Octavia Butler, Aleksandr Solsjenitsyn and Ahmed al-Baghdadi. One can wonder why the task of preserving alien artefacts and knowledge fell upon an order solely consisting of writers, but the very name of the order does hint at one or more guests from the Pegasus constellation, who for some time lived among us and brought us vast knowledges and inspiration. The secrecy of the order however suggests that humanity is not yet ready to share the Pegasian knowledge.

The Sealand Skull is about one and a half times larger than a male Homo sapiens cranium. Especially the eye sockets contribute to its size. Its smooth surface reveals that the creature was adapted to cold climate, and its relative eye size that it was either a night creature, lived underground or on a planet orbiting a remote or dim star, probably an orange or red dwarf. It is noted that the star 51 Pegasi in the Pegasus constellation was the first Sun-like star known to have a planet. Planets orbiting the Pegasus star HR 8799 were the first to be directly imaged, and spectroscopic analysis of HD 209458 b, another planet in the constellation, has provided the first evidence of atmospheric water vapor beyond our solar system.


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BP’s Oil Spill May Have Killed More than 5,000 Dolphins and NOAA Confirms Sea Turtle Deaths Also on the Rise

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 Posted by Stuart Smith - March 31, 2011 at 8:50 am - Permalink Source via /

We all knew more dolphins died than the 101 carcasses that have washed ashore on the Gulf Coast, but a new study estimates that it could be 50 times as many – which translates to more than 5,000 dead. That’s a tough number to get your head around – and combined with new reports of soaring sea turtle deaths – the situation is putting serious pressure on the government to figure out the cause.

But, sadly, don’t hold your breath. The federal government continues to not only drag its feet on the matter, but NOAA has gone the extra mile and re-classified the dolphin deaths to the more PR-friendly designation of “stranded.” We should note that NOAA officials engage in this type of damage control while they have yet to select a lab to test the samples that might officially link the dolphin deaths to the BP spill. NOAA officials have been told that they will need to test the carcasses and send the samples to a lab of their choice. It would appear the agency is not at all anxious to determine a cause of death.
The French newswire service AFP quotes a researcher from the University of British Columbia pointing out why U.S. officials keep saying the spill was not all that bad: “…this is because reports have implied that the number of carcasses recovered, 101 (as of November 2010), equals the number of animals killed by the spill.”
Looking at other studies, including a handful conducted after the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989, researchers came up with a formula that suggests up to 50 times more sea mammals die than are found, or recovered, on the beach.
Meanwhile, NOAA has increased its figures for what it is calling a “cetacean unusual mortality event” to 390 “strandings” – 96 percent were “stranded” dead and 4 percent alive. You do the math on that one. Those numbers tie into an MSNBC report that there’s been a “spike” in sea turtle deaths.
Since March 15, there have been 46 reported sea turtle deaths, and once again NOAA is promising rigorous testing to figure out what happened. But at this point, few people, including myself, are reassured.
Even the MSNBC report noted that “…the news comes as the mystery behind the dolphin deaths grew to include a sense of intrigue: NOAA is keeping a tight lid on its ongoing probe into the deaths, which are possibly connected to the BP spill, causing tension with some independent scientists…in the case of dolphins, biologists hired by the National Marine Fisheries Service, a branch of NOAA, to collect specimens and tissue samples were quietly told late last month to keep their findings confidential.”
So dead marine animals continue to be recovered at an alarmingly high rate. The federal agency in charge of the investigation, NOAA, has secured the evidence and ordered everyone to shut the hell up – including independent researchers who truly represent our last shot at finding out what really happened here. And as I’ve said before, common sense dictates that the deaths of both the dolphins and the sea turtles should be presumed to have a causal link to the spill unless proven otherwise. It’s absurd to discount the impact of 200 million gallons of oil and 2 million gallons of chemical dispersant on the Gulf’s marine life.
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Here are more current videos that are directly linked to BP

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Lada Gaga: The Visionary Rebirth of the Divine Mother Monster

By: Wahkeena Sitka Huva

In February, Lady Gaga appeared on Good Morning America just two days after her legendary entrance at the Grammy's in a space-age egg vessel, where she won three Grammy awards and performed 'Born This Way' live. In her interview with Robin Roberts, she talked about AIDS and 'safe sex' wearing an outfit inspired by condoms. When Roberts asked her about her egg entrance at the Grammy's, Gaga told her she had been in the egg vessel for three days. Roberts asked her, "What did you do in there for three days?" Gaga responded: "I wanted to have a rebirth, and I think the universe needs to have a rebirth. I think we all need to be inside a vessel for three whole days, thinking about how we can love ourselves more, protect ourselves more, live life with more passion, and look not outwards for validation but inwards--look inside of yourself to your spirit and your inner light." Gaga's comments about bringing the gaze inwards, to our spirit and inner light is central to spiritual and yogic philosophy, and in that, I witness Gaga as a spiritual pop star that is expanding her heart and unconditional love to the world. The first time I watched Gaga's interview on Good Morning America, tears spontaneously erupted out of my eyes as I felt the authenticity of her sharing on such an enormous global platform.

Lady Gaga is a visionary pop star icon for the 21st century and the emerging new paradigm. She communes with her fans intimately through Facebook, Twitter and videos with an incredibly open heart, and seems to be saying over and over again that the core of her message is about how to love oneself. Her message to her fans is to inspire them to love themselves more and more fearlessly despite external conditionings that project a message of lack of self worth. Indeed, the chorus of her latest single croons, "I'm beautiful in my way, because God makes no mistakes--I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way. Don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you're set--I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way." When singing the song to oneself, as a catchy pop-song is meant to do, the message is a mantra for opening to self-love. By using the mind-embedding hook of a pop song, she is impregnating every fan with the message that "I am beautiful, God makes no mistakes--I am perfect exactly as I am, I am divinely created, I love myself." What message could be more important in this world where so many struggle with self-acceptance, depression, hopelessness, loss of soul-purpose--triggered by the messages that we receive from the external that limit and subjugate our self-worth? I believe that learning how to totally and fearlessly love oneself is one of the most essential and crucial spiritual lessons each of us comes into this life to learn. So as a pop star sharing this message with literally 30+ million people, I feel that her heart is extending to the mainstream much the way Ammachi extends her heart to her followers. While Ammachi and Lady Gaga wear different robes and sing different songs, their essential message is much the same--extending love, compassion, hugs and inspiring empowerment in others.

One of the main things I get out of Lady Gaga is about how the most crucial step for self-actualization and self-empowerment is about destroying self-imposed blocks to liberation, and one of the things I resonate most with her is that she is fearlessly obliterating her own internal blocks to self-liberation. She has talked candidly and openly about her insecurities growing up in her teens. As a fellow fire-sign sister who never fit in while growing up and always felt exluded and outside the bubble of acceptance in high school, I resonate with her, knowing that full self-knowledge and understanding of one's true self-worth is a hard-won prize that requires patience and maturity into adulthood. I see in Gaga a brilliant woman that has always carried the flame of her power and destiny, and it is only now as an adult and pop-star that she is allowed to come full circle and witness in herself her full creativity unleashed. This creativity which promotes "no prejudice and boundless freedom" is the epitome of mystical liberation; the moksha of divine awakening. It is this awakening and liberation that I witness most profoundly in her newest video, "Born This Way"--and in it I see many mystical metaphors and visionary symbols. I can only imagine that a profound rebirth is occurring within her heart and spirit on a deeply internal and personal level, bringing a new expression and message in the form of her songs.

"Born This Way" marks a radical departure and profound shift from her previous videos. Her first two albums, The Fame and The Fame Monster, are both filled with songs that really don't speak deeply of Gaga's internal, emotional self. Instead, we see songs that are invoking more superficial subjects: partying, getting trashed, money, being followed by paparazzi, and putting up a "poker face" mask so that people couldn't really read the cards she holds. From Gaga's earlier albums to her latest work, we witness a great shift in her creative content--I feel a transformative rebirth has occurred. What I feel from Gaga is that as she matures, she is becoming more and more fearlessly herself, and in doing so--she is becoming more emotionally and creatively authentic. The lyrics of 'Born This Way' scream an ecstatic liberation into claiming her power. In her recent interview with Google, she states: "'Born This Way' is about saying--This is Who I am--this is who the fuck I am. Trying to say in the most literal and honest way that I can, that when I go to the Monster Ball, I see something so fearless and so special in my fans. But I also see something afraid, something that I was, something that was unsure. And I really encourage people to look into the darkness and look into places that you would not normally look, to find uniqueness and specialness, because that's where the diamonds are hiding."

The video for 'Born This Way' is ripe with visionary symbols; with a celestial uterus, and fallopian tubes in space giving birth to a race of humanity with boundless freedom and no prejudice, as opposed to giving birth to machine guns and evil. In her dance between death and skeletons, as opposed to her dance with beauty and ecstasy, we see a unification emerging between her dark, subconscious self and her awakened ecstatic spirit. We see her completely surrendering to her self-knowledge, her joy in her realization that she was "born this way"--a creative artist, a musician, a freak, a free spirit; culminating with pink triangles, a rainbow, riding a unicorn--all symbols of childlike innocence and magic. 'Born This Way' is a compelling video that completely captures the attention of the viewer, never relinquishing attention until the last moment--the viewer is completely lured by her magical dream world. In 'Born This Way', we see Gaga dancing ecstatically for the first time beyond the bound of totally rehearsed choreography, letting the transcendant ecstasy of her liberated anthem pour through every ecstatic cell of her body. It is this ecstatic liberation with her outstretched arms that screams of her joyful rebirth as she embodies more of her authenticity. Many people are repelled by what seems to be dark, demonic or death themes in her videos, and I see her pushing the envelope of the edge of life by brushing up close with the edge of death. It is only through dismembering our ego--getting into the muck of death and disease--that we can have a rebirth of our soul, requiring a fearless glance deep into the gaze of our own death and destruction.

In this way, I see Gaga candidly sharing her deep soul-searching to wade through her dark shadows, and pulling the pearls of her exquisite beauty up through the muck of her past. In my eyes, this is why Gaga is a profound pop star for the emerging paradigm; Gaga is using the pop-star pedestal to do shamanic soul-retrieval work to reclaim her authentic self, the version of her that was born a creative powerhouse, the version of her that is untainted by insecurity and lack of self-worth. It is significant that we see in Gaga an internationally recognized pop star with over 30 million fans on Facebook, being so vulnerable and authentic about the process of her creativity and empowerment. Upon entering her career, Stefani Germanotta changed her name to Lady Gaga. In her Google interview, she explains that changing her name to Gaga "was a way for [her] to release so many years of being told 'no' by this business." She continues to explain that redefining herself via her new name was a powerful gift she gave herself in an effort to liberate herself from her history of negativity, leaving it behind: "If you went through hard times when you were a kid, or in college, or if you had a job and maybe they fired you and you were poor for two years . . . I wish I could give that gift to anyone--of being able to say, 'I rebuke all that negativity and I am now a new person. And I am now going to be the queen I know that I can be.'" As a fire-sign sister who also changed her name in her early twenties in order to leave behind all the negative associations with the old identity and move forward in life with creative self-ownership, I totally resonate. She has explained that "Fame" is something you feel and own within yourself, that it is not something that society bestows upon you unless you own that power from within--and it is this reclaiming and owning of that power from within your core that defines empowerment and self-ownership. And only by claiming and owning that power within, will external others recognize and validate for you what you know to be true inside.

One of the things I am most impressed by with Gaga is that she knew exactly what she wanted to achieve, and within only several years time of total dedication to her goal, she achieved the success and actualization of her dreams. She is a testament to that clear focus and drive that comes when we totally know what we want; we can achieve anything. She let nothing stand in her way. I find this ineffably inspiring, as I have struggled for years with knowing what I want, wavering between so many dreams and desires; just trying to get clear enough to actualize each goal with success. To me this is the absolute crux of the teachings of 'The Secret' and 'manifestation techniques'--the magic of manifestation works only when we have total clarity about our desires, then the universe comes in to completely support and uplift our desires, through the amplification of our thoughts, dreams, and visions towards embodiment. It is through this that we witness the correlation between consciousness, our thoughts and beliefs, and our reality as it is manifested.

In comparing Gaga to Ammachi, I must state that I honestly believe they are both embodiments of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother in her infinite forms. Many people believe that a spiritual being, a divinely inspired being, a holy person or "Goddess", must be "pure and angelic" in order to be respected and spiritual. But I know that there is an essential marriage of 'Yin & Yang', of 'Sacred & Profane' that must occur in order to find mystic wholeness within; it is not by repressing the shadow and embracing only our light "enlightened" selves that we become "Holy." There are those that believe that Gaga is evil, satantic, and a "Whore of Babylon." I truly believe that they are not getting it, and that they are not seeing the bigger picture. As a mystic who has studied Divine Feminine wisdom and Tantra for many years, and who prays every day to the Divine Mother with Quan Yin, Pele and Isis on my altars--I see that the face of the Divine Feminine has had many embodiments in many forms, in many cultures. The essential spirit of Divine Feminine power and wisdom is embodied in the ecstatic Shakti power of an awakened feminine's Kundalini energy. From Kali--the wrathful Divine Mother that slaughters ego, to Quan Yin--the goddess of compassion for all human kind, to Pele--the goddess of creative power, of destruction and fertile rebirth, to Magdalene--the divine marriage partner of Yeshua, believed to be a whore but really a priestess--we see that there are infinite faces of Divine Feminine power. Four years ago, while in ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, an angelic vision came to me of the Divine Feminine. I witnessed "The Goddess" hover above me as she shape shifted in many forms; first an Indian Gopi Goddess complete with sari and dancing traditional Indian Temple dance. With an electrifying shake of her hip, she instantaneously morphed into a Peruvian goddess, then a Native American goddess, then a Balinese goddess, then a tribal African goddess, then a Polynesian Hawaiian goddess, then a modern American goddess--embodying the goddess in every culture on the planet. Each time, the Goddess had the same power in her eyes, the same magnetism and beauty, and each time with a shake of her hips, she morphed--and telepathically I received the message that the Divine Feminine is the universal power of the goddess that exists in every culture and religion, and it is through the fully owned and empowered Shakti kundalini energy that a woman wields her magical wisdom.

Unfortunately, this Divine Feminine power has historically been repressed and burned at the stake in Western patriarchal civilizations, thus women have become caricatures of Feminine power and beauty--stripped to solely their looks and their sexual service to men, and thus women have literally become an objectified image of sex, rather than powerful creatures of wisdom. I see Gaga as a pop star that is exploiting all societal conventions of feminine beauty; manipulating them to expose the loophole within the pop paradigm. In our modern day celebrity culture, where that which is worshipped is celebrity, that which is deified are pop stars; celebrities have been given an incredible opportunity to intimately affect the lives, hearts and spirits of millions of people with their creative influence. Gaga desired that power of being a deified celebrity, received that power, and now her message to humanity is to cultivate self-love; what better message to share using the platform of a pop star at this transformational juncture in time.

When asked during her Google interview, how she maintains her positivity, she replied: "I do believe that God comes in many forms, and I don't believe that we know what he looks like. But I see God in my fans. So every night when I look into the audience, I see this force of beauty--I see faith in my fans. That's what keeps me strong. What you worship in your life doesn't have to be religion or an institution or a certain kind of god--you must worship your faith. I worship my fans--they are my religion." In this, what I see in Gaga, is that she worships Love, the love that is energetically being dumped on her from her fans, and in return she is giving an incredible amount of love and generosity back to her fans. I am so impressed by Gaga's inclusion of 10 year old Maria Aragorn in her recent Toronto concert, where she co-sang 'Born This Way' with 10 year old Maria. Her comments about Maria with Google exemplified her generosity, she explained how beautiful Maria is, and how if she can just inspire ten teenagers to love themselves and live their dreams, she will have made a difference in the world. We don't all need to be internationally famous celebrities to live our dreams or love ourselves, but we can all find inspiration in Gaga's dedication to the pursuit of our soul's purpose in life. She knew in her heart what she was born on the planet to do, and she took the driver's seat of her life's destiny and commanded its ship towards her dreams. If we can all align ourselves with what we were put here on the planet to do, not letting our insecurities, self-doubts, families, upbringings or finances keep us out of alignment with our soul's purpose, then we will each be activating our divine purpose in this life. Gaga's suggestion is: "Don't obsess over what you've done wrong, always look into yourself for the answer, and be the best you that you can be in the future."

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Occult Symbolism: Photos from 1972 Rothschild Party

Occult Symbolism: Photos from 1972 Rothschild Party
Posted on Pakalert on March 23, 2011

Before It’s News found an interesting article on a Rothschild Party written by attendee Baron Alexis de Redé. These elite figures truly enjoy walking around with serious faces wearing creepy costumes. You think Gaga is “original”? Nope, she’s making trendy what her masters have been doing for centuries.
“… On 12 December 1972, Marie-Hélène gave her Surrealist Ball at Ferriéres. This time the guests were asked to come in black tie and long dresses with Surrealist heads. The invitation was printed with reversed writing on a blue and cloudy sky, inspired by a painting by Magritte. To decipher the card, it had to be held to a mirror.
Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and Baron Alexis de Redé.
For the evening the chateau was floodlit with moving orange lights to give the impression that it was onfire. The staircase inside was lined by footmen dressed as cats that appeared to have fallen asleep in a variety of staged poses.
Guests had to pass throught a kind of labyrinth of Hell, made of black ribbons to look like cobwebs. The occasional cat appeared to rescue the guests and lead them to the tapestry salon. Here they were greeted by Guy with a hat to resemble a still-life on a platter, and by Marie-Hélène wearing the head of a giant weeping tears made of diamonds.

Hélène Rochas
Marie Hélène proved that she had the flare and imagination to create something unique and worthwhile. None of this was created by charm alone. It needed a degree of ruthless determination. She attended to every minute detail of style in her life and also in her entertaining. She was a great hostess with all the qualities. She loved parties and people. She was forever in quest of new talent and new figures to entertain from the world of the arts, literature, dance and haute couture. She mixed them with the more established set of Paris society. everyone was intrigued. Marie-Hélène’s parties took on such importance that one social figure threatened to commit suicide unless she was invited…

Baron Alexis de Redé in a Dalí designed Hat

It is not possible to repeat such things now for many reasons. But it is fascinanting to look back and to remember these occasions, which dominated our thoughts and plans to such an extent for so many months. I am happy that I took part in so many, and happy that I gave some myself.”
-Baron Alexis de Redé

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Norway Time Hole “Leak” Plunges Northern Hemisphere Into Chaos

Posted on pakalert on January 7, 2010

Russian scientists are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that the high-energy beam [photo top left] fired into the upper heavens from the United States High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) radar facility in Ramfjordmoen, Norway this past month has resulted in a “catastrophic puncturing” of our Plant’s thermosphere thus allowing into the troposphere an “unimpeded thermal  inversion of the exosphere, which is the outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere.
To the West’s firing of this ‘quantum’ high-energy beam we had previously reported on in our December 10, 2009 report titled “Attack On Gods ‘Heaven’ Lights Up Norwegian Sky”.
To how catastrophic for our Planet this massive thermal inversion has been Anthony Nunan, an assistant general manager for risk management at Mitsubishi Corporation in Tokyo, is reporting today that the entire Northern Hemisphere is in winter chaos, with the greatest danger from this unprecedented Global event being the destruction of billions of dollars worth of crops in a World already nearing the end of its ability to feed its self.
So powerful has this thermal inversion become that reports from the United States are stating that their critical crops of strawberries, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables grown in their Southern States, are being destroyed by record cold temperatures. The US is further reporting record amounts of snowfall in what they are now warning may be their worst winter in 25 years.
Reports from the United Kingdom today are, likewise, showing a Nation in chaos as brutal cold temperatures continue to batter the British people suffering under the worst snow blizzards to hit them in almost 50 years. So dire has it become in the UK that their National Grid yesterday issued only its second warning in its entire history stating that their Nation’s gas supply was running out due to this unprecedented event.
Not just to the UK, but also to the entire European Union has this thermal inversion been affecting as reports from that region show continued chaos is occurring due to plunging temperatures and snows. In the UK, also, reports are showing that the military has been called out to rescue over 1,000 stranded vehicles.
Though the Motherland, and its people, are some of the best equipped in the World to handle such severe winter conditions, the Russian island of Sakhalin was inundated this past week by a rare Snow Cyclone setting off no less than avalanches.
But to the worst affected region of the Northern Hemisphere no one has been hit harder than China, where in what is being described as a “soul-destroying snowstorm” this Asian Nation has been plunged into such havoc the entire country has been brought to a standstill. China further reports that the massive snowstorms hitting them are their worst in 60 years and necessitating their military forces to save over 1,400 people trapped when their train became covered in snow. So overwhelmed by this unprecedented event has China become that they have ordered all of their citizens to help with snow removal too.
South Korea has not been spared either as reports from that Nation are reporting their worst snow storms in their modern history of recording these events.
Reports from Japan are also reporting record snowfall in their Northern Regions, where according to one unnamed Kushiro resident, “Snow falls hard here in Kushiro, but this is the most I have ever seen. The snow’s piling up and we’re running out of places to dump it.”
Canada, another Nation used to extreme winter events, reports that the storm that had hit their maritime provinces this past week was so powerful buildings were knocked off of their foundations in what one resident, Tom Jardine, described as being “worse than a hurricane”.
To the long-term consequences of this thermal inversion caused by the West, these reports further warn that by the puncturing of our atmosphere by the HHARP radars our Planet has, also, been “needlessly exposed” to the growing threat posed to us by the giant mysterious object currently approaching us (named by NASA as G1.9) which we had previously reported on in our January 3rd report titled “Russia Prepares For Asteroid Strike As New Comet Nears Sun”, and which has been blamed for the rapid shifting of our Earth’s North Pole that was first documented in 2005.
But to the most critical aspect of these events it surely lies with the Western World’s continued arrogance in regards to experimenting on both our Planets natural species and human beings, and though who may think that they are ‘gods’, are continuing to give evidence that they are acting more like devils.

© January 6, 2010 EU and US all rights reserved

A new satellite map by the government agency NOAA shows the extent of the snow blanketing a vast area from the west coast of Canada to eastern ChinaThe image was released by the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Association (NOAA) on the day half of North America was in the grip of the 2011 severe winter storm.

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Unsolved UFO ALIEN Abduction BUD HOPKINS

Cover of "Missing Time"Cover of   Missing Time

Budd Hopkins

Author/Hypnotherapist. Author of “Intruders” and “Missing Time”, Budd Hopkins is considered a respected pioneer in researching alien abductions and an authority on the frightening alien/human hybrid phenomenon. His research and book inspired the mini series “Intruders” on NBC. Budd Hopkins' research, despite its extremely controversial nature, has received serious commentary in such mainstream publications as Time, Paris Match, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, Omni, People, and Cosmopolitan. He has been a guest on hundreds of television and radio programs including Nightline, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tonight Show, Charlie Rose, Larry King Live, The Charles Grodin Show, Sally Jesse Raphael, The Geraldo Rivera Show, 20/20, 48 Hours, Unsolved Mysteries, Encounters, A Current Affair, Nightwatch, The Late Show, The Art Bell Show, Tom Snyder, The Laura Lee Show, Hieronimus & Company, Weekend Edition (National Public Radio), Voice of America, Armed Forces Radio, numerous BBC affiliates, and many other shows and forums.  .

ExtraterristrialImage via Wikipedia

UFO Abduction: Missing Time

A report on the experiences of several alien abductees. Includes interviews with renowned alien abduction researcher, Budd Hopkins. A very interesting film... MUST WATCH!

The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Parts 1-3


UFO Secrets From The Underground

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Meeting with ETs and Eisenhower at Hollowman AFB


Dwight D. Eisenhower, official portrait as Pre...Image via Wikipedia

Eisenhower met with ET's at Hollowman read more about Ike and the ET's go to:
Eisenhower's Incredible Journey

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Magnetic Field Disruptions Are The Likely Cause For Mass Bird And Fish Die Offs

January 13, 2011 by Alex  
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Source: – By Lee Rogers 
Over the past several weeks there have been numerous reports of bird and fish die offs around the planet. The most likely cause for these die offs is the confirmed disruptions to the earth’s magnetic fields. It is widely believed by scientists that birds and fish use these magnetic fields as a navigational tool to migrate to warmer weather areas.  In 2001, the National Geographic reported on a study that suggests birds actually use these fields to plan their migration routes.  It is also widely believed that fish use these fields to find and detect prey.
Any disruption or change in the normal behavior of the earth’s magnetic field or the electromagnetic spectrum as a whole could easily misdirect birds and fish into locations that do not necessarily have warmer weather and result in their death.
It is clear that such disruptions in the Earth’s magnetic fields are already taking place. Scientists have already confirmed that the Earth’s magnetic north has been moving closer and closer to Russia.  Although these fields are constantly changing the recent changes have been so dramatic that the Tampa International Airport for the first time has been forced to change around one of their runways.  It is also confirmed that the Sun is moving into its solar maximum phase which means that the sun is now ejecting larger doses of electromagnetic radiation towards the Earth than usual. Even crazier is that in 2008, NASA reported that there was a massive breach in the Earth’s magnetic field which potentially could create massive geomagnetic storms.
The Earth's Magnetic Fields May Cause Die-Off - NASA Images

Around the world we also see an increasing use of wireless technologies such as mobile phones and wireless Internet which utilize high frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum.  There are also powerful antenna array facilities that can create massive disruptions in the electromagnetic spectrum which have been in existence for many years.  One example is the much talked about Alaska antenna array facility which is home to HAARP otherwise known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. This facility has been around since the early 1990s and its true purpose has been the subject of much debate. What we do know is that it is capable of directing high frequency signals into the Earth’s Ionosphere which could most certainly cause any number of unknown changes in the electromagnetic spectrum.  It is also quite likely that there are other more powerful facilities similar to HAARP that have not been disclosed to the public which could be capable of creating even greater disruptions or changes.
Some of if not all of these factors could easily be playing a role in creating disruptions within the electromagnetic spectrum and creating havoc for birds and fish attempting to migrate into warmer areas. It is absolutely incredible that the corporate controlled media has largely not even offered this as a possible reason for the widespread bird and fish die offs. It is even more incredible for mainstream scientists to suggest that this is some sort of normal occurrence. Since when in the recent past have we seen this amount of bird and fish die offs occur all at once around the world at roughly the same time?
It doesn’t look as if I’m the only person who believes this might be the case. Be sure to check out this excellent article on the same subject which suggests the same possibility. Although we don’t know 100% what is actually causing these massive bird and fish die offs, it seems as if the confirmed disruptions in the Earth’s magnetic fields would be a good place to start looking.
Electromagnetic scalar weapons that can artificially manipulate the environment could be responsible for the mass die offs. We know for a fact that over a decade ago the U.S. Military Industrial Complex was aware of and involved in the testing of such technology.
1977 Senate Hearing found that U.S. government had infected hundreds of cities with biological agents. If the animals aren't safe outside, we're not either!

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Original footage of Edward AFB when Eisenhower was visiting in 1954 and had a meeting with ET's