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BP Gulf oil spill threatens whales, dolphins: “ET ambassadors” vital to Earth’s light-energy grid

When a sperm whale was found dead in the area affected by the BP Gulf of Mexico catastrophe on June 15, 2010, the stark caption beneath the NOAA photograph of the dead sperm whale read (FIG. A): “Scientists aboard the NOAA research ship Piscis found a sub adult sperm whale 77 miles due south of the Deepwater spill site.  NOAA will analyze skin samples to determine if the whale came from the oil zone.  However, due to decomposition and shark predation, NOAA will not be able to determine a definitive cause of death.  The charred appearance of the whale is a natural occurrence due to the sun and heat.”

In a development potentially related to the BP oil spill, a recent news report stated, “two baby sperm whales died [on June 23, 2010] after beaching themselves on Florida’s East Coast; ‘Infections and toxins are going to be the big killers of these animals’ says pathologist.”

The BP Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe has endangered both whales and dolphins. There are 300,000 to 400,000 sperm whales worldwide. According to one source, “There are an estimated 1,700 sperm whales that live in gulf waters and they are known to congregate particularly at the mouth of the Mississippi River, a rich feeding ground. Unlike other whales, which travel long distances, these live full-time in the gulf and do not usually mingle with sperm whale pods in the neighboring Caribbean and Sargasso Sea. Ms. Mase said that the dead whale was almost certainly a gulf whale.”

Cetacean experts such as the late Dr. John Lilly and Joan Ocean have noted the telepathic abilities of whales and dolphins and complex operating communication between extraterrestrial civilizations and whales and dolphins in Earth’s oceans.

According to Ms. Ocean, “The dolphins told me they are an Extraterrestrial civilization that lives in the oceans and rivers of Earth part-time. They have endeared themselves to humanity…..although when you look at them critically, you may notice – They are Grey with streamlined forms, big heads,  unusual languages, and live in an airless environment, in a team mentality, extending gentleness and love to humans.

“The dolphins and whales serve as ambassadors between Earth and other Star Nations. They are the Wise Ones assisting humanity to accept the existence of other species who are intelligent and living in diverse realities nearby.”

Whales, as well as dolphins, are according to this view, extraterrestrial civilizations.  At the 2005 Dolphin and E.T. Civilizations conference in Kona, Hawaii, this reporter witnessed accounts of human visitors to Extraterrestrial craft who saw special large containers on the ET craft for whales.  The whales, who were teleported from the ocean up to the ET craft, were being immersed in information downloads contained in colored lights and sounds.  Cetacean researchers like Ms. Ocean state that whales and dolphins may carry out complex tasks in maintaining the light energy grids that balance the ecology of the Earth.

Examiner.com has characterized the BP Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe as intentional disaster capitalism, a false flag environmental war attack to destroy the ecology, biosphere, economy, and surrounding land mass and human population of the Gulf of Mexico, carried out by a narrow human elite for global depopulation and imposition of a world political dystopia.

Ms. Ocean has documented incursions of U.S. military-intelligence upon the cetacean community. “I became concerned when I noticed the U.S. Navy ships were using the Hawaiian Marine Mammal Sanctuary, birthing and mating areas of the Humpback whales for their testing of high decibel sonar. The whales and dolphins live in a world of Frequency. They are masters of vibrations, using their powerful sonar to find food, navigate over thousands of miles, communicate with each other via the SOFAR channel, and interact with grid lines that are essential for the well being of the planet.”

With the initial deaths of dolphins and sperm whales, the environmental war attack of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe is now extending to what some researchers say is the most advanced extraterrestrial-like consciousness vital to the advanced light energy grids of the planet  – that of cetaceans – whales and dolphins.

Whales, MMS and the BP oil catastrophe

One source evaluating the impact of the dead sperm whale found in the Gulf of Mexico states, “Because whales are large and very mobile, they are relatively less vulnerable to oil spills than other sea life. However, the whales are classified as endangered and the crude oil is toxic to them. Moreover, they prefer to dive and fish right off the continental shelf, where the Deepwater Horizon wellhead is located, and their sensitivity to the large plumes of oil droplets and the enormous amount of dispersants being used to combat this disaster is unknown.”

Journalist Kate Spinner reports that “’The [BP oil] spill is right in the area where we know there is a population of endangered sperm whales,' said Randall Davis, a marine biology professor at Texas A & M University. 'I'm not terribly surprised that they found a dead whale. That it was caused by the spill is hard to say.' Davis was among a group of researchers in the mid-1990s that recommended the Mississippi Canyon area -- where the oil spill is occurring -- be protected for sperm whales under the federal Endangered Species Act. Such protection might have stopped drilling in the area, or at least put further restrictions on permits. But Davis said the Minerals Management Service, which funded the research, took the scientists' recommendation out of the report.

"'Minerals Management Service didn't want any indication that this group of sperm whales needed this designation of critical habitat,' Davis said. The same agency's lax oversight of drilling operations has been blamed for allowing BP to shirk laws that might have prevented the rig explosion on April 20.

"Oil harms sperm whales most when they surface, Randall said. Like a swimmer coming up for air in a pool, they sometimes suck water into their lungs. 'The oil is toxic,' Randall said. 'If they aspirate it into their lungs, it could make it difficult for them to breathe.' Sperm whales also eat by using suction and they hunt in the same territory where scientists have documented vast mists of submerged oil. 'In the process of sucking the squid they might also pull in some oil suspended in the water and swallow it,' Randall said. Photographers have snapped photos and NOAA and the Coast Guard have received 'numerous reports' of sperm whales swimming through oil, NOAA said."

Whales, dolphins and Extraterrestrial civilizations

Joan Ocean, Hawaii-based multi-dimensional whale and dolphin researcher, has advanced the thesis that cetaceans – whales and dolphins are an advanced form of extraterrestrial-like intelligence that is in a special relationship with extraterrestrial civilizations. Whales and dolphins also have an important ecological relationship keeping the advanced energy grids of the planet in balance.

Ms. Ocean writes, “My first dolphin contacts began in the 1970’s when I met Dr. John Lilly, M.D. and dolphin researcher. Our reason for meeting initially was not about the dolphins; it was about our awareness of intelligent species living on nearby planets. This was the common bond of friendship and communication between Dr. Lilly and I.

As long as I can remember I have been part of a civilization of people who do not live on Earth, but who are visiting it regularly. I call these people ‘Extraterrestrials’ because they can materialize at will, making themselves temporary visitors on our physical planet.

As a teen-ager, I knew enough to keep their presence to myself. There was no reason to talk about them. If anyone fearful of ETs came close to seeing them, the ETs would disappear immediately. Being sensitive to people, they would choose when to make their presence known.

Eventually I realized one of my purposes for incarnating on Earth was to let people know about outer planetary societies. When the time was right, I began to speak to other E.T. Earthlings and we began to share our accounts of parallel worlds.

In 1973 the dolphins were communicating with Dr. John Lilly; I met them through him. My Extraterrestrial friends had told me they are in continuous contact with whales and dolphins who speak the same language as they do.  They encouraged me to meet the dolphins along the Earth’s bandwidths.

“After receiving telepathic communications from the dolphins I decided to meet them in the ocean as well. The first step was to learn to swim and then to find them in the water. I was guided to meet them in Hawaii. Very quickly, a completely new life evolved that included dolphins and whales. I already had the last name of Ocean, so perhaps you could say, it was preordained.

“The dolphins told me they are an Extraterrestrial civilization that lives in the oceans and rivers of Earth part-time. They have endeared themselves to humanity…..  although when you look at them critically, you may notice – They are Grey with streamlined forms, big heads,  unusual languages, and live in an airless environment, in a team mentality, extending gentleness and love to humans.

“The dolphins and whales serve as ambassadors between Earth and other Star Nations. They are the Wise Ones assisting humanity to accept the existence of other species who are intelligent and living in diverse realities nearby. Over the past two decades, I have spent half of my time in contact with Extraterrestrial races and half of my time leading Seminars with wonderful Earthpeople. I know the ETs are here to help us as we evolve. We are fortunate to have them.”

Communications of whales to humanity

Although canonical science, official government agencies such as NOAA, and the matrix-controlled mind do not accept the reality of cetacean-human communication, whales and dolphins can communicate to humans.  As a multi-dimensional cetacean researcher, Ms. Ocean has gathered telepathic communications from whales to humanity.

These are Messages directly from the Whales to the human race on Earth:

    You live in a Universe conditioned by, and centered around, your perceptions and assumptions. All people together create the consensual world, as a psychic hologram, a three-dimensional, mind-picture of great complexity; but no one creates it alone, because it is a group project.

    We whales can shift from one group mind to another and thereby to another dimension or universe. It can be said that we move into permanent altered states, relative to our present consensual or collective world-picture. Dream places and events are also real, but simply of shorter time duration and affect only our real dream bodies.

    Mind creates objects, objects create Space and changes in those objects create Time. Time is not absolutely real, but only relatively so. Time does not pass; in pure Mind, it does not even exist. A will that is strong enough can overcome time itself, as the ancient Eastern sages have demonstrated.


    You are always producing pictures we call the world, the moon and the stars. When we say pictures, we don’t just mean what you would call a visual picture. We mean a picture that is three-dimensional and includes all the senses that you know. Some of you know 5 senses; some of you know 6 or 7, or more. But the picture that is called the world, is designed to integrate with all your senses, to include them, to work with them. Unconscious picture-production is instant; actually the process of perception/creation takes about 1/50,000 of a second. But for your purposes it is instant. It is then neurologically transferred into your inner image of that person or place or situation or thing. And therefore, that person, place or thing is within you. And without you, that particular situation would not exist. You are the perceptive center of the entire universe. Without you, the entire universe as you know it, would not exist.

    You have known particles of love, atoms of love, sometimes molecules of love. When you understand that Love is an ocean and you have found ways to cooperate with it, and never resist it, then you will be eternal beings, and photomorphic (the morphing affect of Light on organisms - JO)

    You will become splendid light. You will become luminescent. You will be transformed. This is in your future.

    We are here to accelerate that process in you, as well as in ourselves. We are all photomorphs, but we decide to live in various temples or habitations, for certain periods of time. As far as external temples, we whales no longer have those, because the whole world is our temple. As far as external books and scrolls, we no longer have need of those. We do not regard them as sacred, intrinsically, because the writing is on our hearts and minds. As far as prophets, saints and sages, we are all trying to be those things.


    We whales know that our origins are earthly, in the sense that our bodies are designed from earthly prototypes. As such, our cellular make-up has not fully escaped contamination by the Earth experiments. Yet as Mind, we share a memory link or network with our own ancestors, who are the Old Ones at the center of the galaxy, including a star called Zeta Reticuli and another called Theta Draconis, the apparent original home of extraterrestrial space travelers to Earth.


    We live in a deeper level of reality than most of the life forms on Earth, and we understand the larger picture. We are masters of expanded states of awareness, which include more complex dimensions beyond your own. Within these realms, we see sub-atomic particles as part of a greater whole, which is holographic and indivisible. We are involved in examining multiform pictures that we create and that are also created by you. We understand how these pictures create reality on Earth. We experience these images while awake and while in dreamtime. For us, the line between the two states is very tenuous. We reside within a peaceful, tranquil, surrealistic state.

    By having our mind clear and blank, we can hear and examine messages from the greater Universe. In this way we can re-formulate, re-invent and re-create reality. This creation begins with pure Light, which vibrates like music. It has harmonics just like music and as whales we hear it singing to us. Matter dissolves into octaves of Light and it is from this Light that all is created.

    Most human minds are filled with thoughts. Thinking continuously has led to confusion and blocked out the true state of bliss. We do not experience this confusion. We remain in a state of Love. In our presence, you experience that Love. It is your nature too. That is why you are drawn to us. . . for that reason, and also because we have a mutual purpose on Earth. We are all here as caretakers for this very special planet. You are here to preserve and work with the physical matter of this planet and to spiritualize it. We work with grid lines and meridians, with energy fields and basic spiritual energy patterns that ensure unity among all life forms.

    We encourage you to come together with us and use us as an example. As you swim in the ocean and see our form, realize that these images are not who we are. We are much more. We are interacting with you in a way that is much larger than physical form. We are mirrors of a higher consciousness. We invite you to use our image, this illusion of form, as a symbol and as a way to connect with the greater universal consciousness. Our physical bodies are here on your planet because your race is currently very focused on physicality. In service to humanity and our own spiritual paths, we created a physical form to lead you into Non-physical Reality. If it serves as a Symbol for you of our Oneness, we are pleased. As you see our whale forms in the ocean, focus on our higher spiritual reality, move far beyond the collective unconscious, and enter a state of pure Awareness. We will meet you there. It is your 'home' too. It is the place of the Whale Matrix, the single, vast, connective field of our Minds. It is the place where we harness the power of Oneness, span the galaxies, merge with divine consciousness and become illumined.

    You had become lost and confused by thoughts of separation and duality. We knew that you would develop technology, and that this technology would grow monstrous, and overcome you. We knew all this from the beginning. But we were told wisely by masters, teachers, prophets and sages that the very best thing we could do was to develop our own consciousness and that, in turn, would contribute to your evolution as a species.

    This process has already begun. For many years, even before we arrived on the Earth, we have been beaming toward you. We found beings among you who are receptive to our beaming. In your culture they have become some of your teachers, prophets, saints, sages and wise people. We have begun to influence the development of your culture, without interfering with your sacred freedom. We beam only to those who will accept us. And so it has been for ten thousand years.

    Now, more and more people are accepting us whales. We are currently very concerned about the ecology of the planet, because you have the power to destroy Earth. We have special beings among us now, who do nothing but beam continuously to your buildings, your homes, your land, and your people. They beam to those who can accept, to those who will accept the knowledge that we are an contiguous, interconnected whole. Our species and yours are related. Our species is in danger because of yours, and your species is in danger. Our beaming has been amplified, and your reception has also been amplified. We want to be part of your planet’s freedom from your own misdirection, and from the misuse of energy and thoughts……..

How to evaluate the contribution of cetaceans to the Earth’s ecology in light of the BP oil catastrophe

1.  Multi-dimensional cetacean-Extraterrestrial research – Joan Ocean’s and other’s research on the multi-dimensional contribution of whales and dolphins to the higher intelligence ecology of the planet reveals that cetaceans may have a key role on the maintenance of the light energy grids of our planet.  Whales and dolphins are, by some measure, more evolved and intelligent cosmic creatures than humans, and are cooperating with ethical extraterrestrial civilizations in the higher realms of the ecological balance of this planet, realms that canonical science and official government agencies such as NOAA do not now recognize.

2.  The BP oil spill and the environmental war attack on cetaceans - One exopolitical researcher has characterized the BP oil catastrophe as Phase 2 of the 9/11 false flag operation (Phase 1).  By this view, one (failed) strategic purpose of the 9/11 false flag attack was to trigger humanity into a police state dystopia and worldwide nuclear conflagration – Armageddon.  The Phase 2 strategic purpose of the perpetrators of the BP false flag oil catastrophe is to attempt to paralyze humanity and the biosphere we depend on through fear and intentional wrecking of the environment and biosphere, and thus deter a planned “transformation” of human consciousness in a higher vibration light energy Earth grid (or a second “new Earth”, in the 2012 time horizon. The ultimate perpetrators of both the (Phase 1) 9/11 and the (Phase 2) BP oil spill false flag operations are conscious of the higher order light energy Earth grid ecology, and the contribution that cetaceans and Extraterrestrials make to keeping the ecology of this higher light energy grid in balance.  Thus cetaceans may have been especially targeted in this BP oil catastrophe, and its ultimate possible ecological reach even beyond the Gulf of Mexico.

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