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Ouija Boards! Wanna Play?


Since I haven't written an article for some time now and it's getting closer to Halloween, I thought I'd do a blog on something a bit different. Yes it has to do with Halloween, the OUIJA BOARD. In the recent past I had an encounter with the board, or I should say I witnessed something peculiar. My son is one to research everything he has an interest in and really never quits studying the topic at the time and had been to a Barnes and Noble and ended up buying the Necronomicon and even though I warned him agianst trying any of the magik in the book, he went ahead and got our the OUIJA BOARD and called the four corners before starting a session. In the meantime we are outside enjoying ourselves around a nice bonfire when all of sudden everyone screams, “Look at the sky! There is a orange glowing light … then it vanished!” About an hour later, it happened again. Did he open something up? He never did get to use the board that night because the house way to busy to focus. But what happened? What was in the sky?

So, this months blog is on the OUIJA BOARD. Hope you enjoy it and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Ouija boards, when first invented in 1850 were more of a novelty item than something to be feared. 
The board itself has no “magical or mystical” powers and it's used when people wish to try and communicate with spirits. I don't agree and believe it should NEVER be used as demons have a way of using the device to fool you and sometimes cause havoc in your life and home. Just look at Hollywood and all the movies that have the OUIJA BOARD in them. Does anything good or positive come from using the board? NO! Here's a list of movies to refer to:
The Exorcist , Ouija Board, Koko the Clown a 1920 Cartoon, The Uninvited 1944 Horror, Thirteen Ghosts 1960 Horror, Tales From the Crypt 1972 Horror, Alison's Birthday 1979 Horror, Amityville 3-D 1983 Horror, The Devil's Gift 1984 Horror, Spookies 1985 Horror,
Witchboard 1985 Horror – now a triology. On opening night at select Theaters, they gave out promotional Witchboards!
Witchboard 3: The Possession 1995 Horror
Girls' School Screamers 1986 Horror, Awakenings 1990 Drama, Repossessed 1990 Comedy, And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird 1991 Comedy, Radio Flyer 1991 Drama, Sorority House Massacre 2 1992 Horror, Only You 1994 Romance, Grim 1995 Horror, What Lies Beneath 2000 Horror, Long Time Dead 2002 Horror
I'm sure I've missed some, if I did you can leave the title in the Comment Section. Ouija board Horror movie database

Don't get me wrong, OUIJA BOARDS do work! I found that out, many times and each time it was upsetting or I felt like I was being watched or followed! I ended up doing a cleansing and disposing on my old board. BUT IF you're going to use one anyway, at least take some precautions.

Set up the environment.  Using a Ouija board isn’t something to be attempted while consuming beer and pretzels with the football game on.  Turn off the television, music, and all artificial lights.  Light a few white candles.  Don’t light too many as they can attract too much attention,

Say a prayer of protection.  The Lord’s Prayer or Pslam 23 are good choices.  You can also create your own opening prayer.  This is to protect you from attracting negative energy.  Also, use a Ouija board only when you're feeling positive and unstressed.  Do not use a talking board when tired or under the influence of anything like alcohol that may impair your judgment.

Always be concerned about contacting evil spirits, sprinkle salt in a circle around the group.  This may add a layer of protection and is a good idea if you're in a new location such as an abandoned building.  You may also want to consider burning sage and placing a silver coin upon the board.  Silver may be able to stop an evil presence from leaving the board.

ENERGY! 2-5 members in your group.  Having more than five members may cause confusion and make results hard to decipher.  While we agree this is true for beginners, for experienced users a larger group may allow spirits to harness more energy.  Using a Ouija board is both tiring for the user as well as the spirits.  Having more hands on the planchette provides more energy to the spirit.

Have a witness on hand to record answers.  Or with todays technology you can set up your webcam and record it if possible. Choose one person to ask questions and begin by asking “Is anyone there?”

Just let your fingertips rest upon top of the device.  After stating the opening question, begin to move the planchette in a small circle on the board.  Do it slowly and effortlessly.Do this while sitting in a circle. Practice at first! This circling of the board allows energy to build up which the spirit can then harness and use to speak to you.  After a time, possibly a few minutes, you should feel the planchette move.  At this time you are free to ask it questions.

I can't emphasize this more! RESPECT! REPSECT! RESPECT! And stay focused!

Take all spirits seriously.  First of all keep in mind that the presence you encounter is under no obligation to speak the truth.  While not necessary malicious, it may simply be amusing itself.  It may be a trickster.  Or it may indeed be malevolent.  Don’t believe everything you’re told. And NEVER – EVER ask a presence to prove its existence! I hasn't actually entered your dimension of existence and hopefully only a doorway has been opened. So don't play around and want proof! To prove its existence it would actually need to enter your realm and interact with your physical world whether it be by making lights dim, the temperature change, or whatever.  You do not want to invite it into your physical space. Never ask how they died, some don't know they are deceased and can become unstable if you force them to realize their dead. And NEVER, EVER ask about death! Why? You could end up making it happen just because of fear or believing lies!

The spirit may ask your permission to visit you or to manifest! YOU DO NOT WANT THEM IN OUR DIMENSION! EVER!

Always end the session by moving the planchette to goodbye, flipping the board, and saying a closing prayer of protection if the spirit becomes obscene or offensive. Again, don't play around with other beings! It can be very dangerous!

If your plancette moves to the “goodbye” on its own then end the session. Allow the spirits to leave. Don't force the session to stay open! And never just get up and walk away from an open board without first moving the planchette to goodbye & THANK the spirit, then flip the board over. That way any residual energy in the room will be depleted.

And it's always a good idea to end with a prayer or even do a cleansing if needed.

Just remember, anything you've been told during a session should always be discerned. Don't take it too seriously as you really don't know where the message came from.

Most people will simply try to throw the board away, or they will try and destroy the board by burning it or tearing it up. This is not only the biggest mistake a person can make, but it won’t work. When the Ouija board is destroyed or trashed the demonic spirit will still be there. Getting rid of the board will not make the problem go away.  In order to get rid of the problem, you must have the home blessed to expel the demon from it, and then do the same with the board to break the bond the demon has with it.  Only then should the board be removed from the home and kept in a safe place. Then the board is wrapped and kept in an out of reach place so that no one can try and use it anymore. Also sprinkle holy water on it and say a binding prayer over it just in case. Once a home has been blessed any and all occult items should be permanently removed from the home because demonic spirits are attracted to them, and can attach themselves to them.

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