Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 Holiday Tips and Money Savers

With the holiday season upon us everyone needs to pinch those pennies, so I thought I'd share some more ways and links to sites that will help you and your furbaby out, not only during Thanksgiving and Christmas but year round! 
And if you don't have a pet yet, I suggest going to your local shelter and adopting one. A new pet is a great gift for your kids and the entire family! One thing to keep in mind if you do adopt a new pet into your family is make sure you can afford this new addition! Read this great article from 
It's amazing how expensive it is to own and care for a pet properly, believe me I know.  And I have a small dog compared to a large dog that would hike up the expense of caring for it.
With a large dog EVERYTHING is bigger, from the bags of food to the size of his pet bed and toys! Then you have Vet care, if you live in a large city like Chicago the basic services will be much higher than the suburbs, like dog walking, grooming, ect.  Then the monthly costs, like heart, flea and tic prevention, any special medications if you have an ill pet, toys, food, treats. Not counting the annual things like vaccines and check ups!
At the end of this BLOG I've inserted a Pet Cost Calculator courtesy of and just for fun, do your calculation for now and then once you start with my money saving tips, do it again to see how much you've saved! You will be shocked! Now for some great tips and new links!
Since Little Bear has to take medication on a regular schedule a couple of times a day and I'm on a fixed income that's poverty level, I HAVE to get my medications as cheap as possible. I found a great tool that will compare every pharmacy, even online to get you the cheapest price. And it is not just for pets, but for everyone and they even have coupons to make it cheaper! Check out Good RX for pets
At you can find deals, services and even events for your pet and your entire family! Check it out and be sure to use your zip code when searching. On this awesome website you'll find anything from pet sitting, walking, boarding, grooming and Vets! Great is you're looking to do work like that too. These sites also good for the entire family! Need a babysitter with references? This site is comparable, but for pets only On the holidays many of us go on vacation and want to take Fido or Fluffy with us and can't. Well, now you can if you go to and no, it's not just for dogs but all pets. Don't forget to really check out what you're feeding your furbaby! Here's a great site for Dog Food Comparison, Ratings and Reviews Well, that's about it. Have a safe and Happy Holiday. And don't forget to read my BLOGS on Are you feeding your furbaby dangerous food and  Discounted pet care links